Top 3 Tips to Spring Clean Your Bedroom

Do you ever wake up and want to make a change? How many times have you wanted to spring clean your bedroom but didn’t know where to start? Around this time of year is the prime time many decide to spring clean.

If you’re looking for some ideas where to get started, we can help. Take a look at our top three tips for spring cleaning your bedroom.

1. Start with Your Bed
Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. It is the place you wind down after a long day and recharge your body. Although this seems simple, it’s surprising how many people don’t know how to make a bed. Start your spring cleaning right with the focal point of your bedroom. Strip the sheets and ensure a thorough clean.

2. De-Clutter
Once your bed is clean it’s time to declutter the rest of the room. Why not make your way around the room with three large bin bags, one for collecting items that don’t belong in the bedroom, one for things that need to either be recycled or donated to charity, and another for things you want to throw away. Make sure to clean out your closets and any dressers or cabinets.

3. Freshen Up
Once you’ve decluttered and organised your bedroom, your final step is to freshen up your room. Simply opening your window to air out your room can be incredibly beneficial. Invest in some fresheners also to add a cleansing aroma to your room.

If you’re looking to improve your bedroom, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to find out more.

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