How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep!

Many experts claim there’s a link between having a good night’s sleep and feeling positive, energetic and productive. Theoretically, if you have more sleep, you’ll feel better. However, that’s not always the truth – There are various factors that come into play when determining the quality of your sleep. We’ve scanned the internet to try and understand which tips and tricks of getting a better night’s rest are most beneficial.

A regular tip to having a better night’s sleep, understandably, is to plan and organise your evening better. Avoid all caffeine, sports drinks, stodgy food and alcohol (Especially alcohol as it’s known to cause snoring!). Instead, leave a few hours between eating your final meal and resting your head, and drink warm milk or coconut water. Diet has an impact on your body, and can leave you feeling sluggish – Something that will keep ticking over into night-time.

Waking up and bedding down for the night at consistent times are also very important. One survey from 2013 reported that people who went to bed later at the weekend experienced a poorer quality of sleep. Another interesting stat is that 25% of people claimed to wake-up naturally at the same time every morning, which experts suggest is their sleep pattern and body clock.

Another tip is to avoid sleep during the daytime. Short “Power naps”, where you sleep for less than 30 minutes, can be beneficial, but long and irregular sleeping patterns can negatively affect your sleep. They can confuse your body clock meaning that you’ll subconsciously alter your dayparts to think day is night and vice-verse.

Many people believe that your surroundings can make for a better night’s sleep. Your bedroom environment can be very important – Make sure you clean and refresh your sheets, remove all dust from curtains and swap pillows regularly.

Lastly, and most importantly, the biggest tip for having a better night’s rest is clarity of mind. If you’re worrying or stressing, this will undoubtedly cause problems – You will take longer to fall to sleep and you could wake up during the night. Remove yourself from all technology and relax before bedtime – Those are our tips for how to get the best 40 winks!

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